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First Meeting Comenious

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Belgium Tour

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Progetto Comenius "La réussite par la différence: metissage et révélation"


From 10/07/2013 to 10/12/2013


5 A EN, 5 B EN, 5 B EL


Amalia Fracassi, Maurizio Rosi, Eugenio Licari, Giuseppe Menditto, Landa Landini





DAL 7 OTTOBRE AL 12 OTTOBRE 2013-09-09

Parteciperanno le classi 5 A LEN, 5 B LEN, 5 B EL

Docenti accompagnatori : proff Fracassi, Rosi, Menditto, Landini, Licari

La quota di partecipazione prevede pernottamento e mezzo di trasporto ( pullman),sono esclusi i pasti, anche le colazioni.

La scuola utilizzerà parte dei fondi europei per pagare i biglietti di ingresso ai musei e per la visita all’AUDI


1° giorno 7 ottobre

                                     Ore 20.45 ritrovo davanti all’ITIS, via Toscana

                                     Ore 21 partenza per il Belgio in pullman

2° giorno 8 ottobre  

                                     Ore 8.00 arrivo Gembloux

                                     Mattino: attività di laboratorio presso istituto scolastico

                                     Ore 13:  pranzo presso la scuola

                                     Pomeriggio: prosecuzione delle attività

                                     Ore 19: cena a Gembloux

                                     In serata si raggiunge ostello

3° giorno 9 ottobre   ore 7.30 partenza per Bruges

                                     Visita alla città:

                                                                                                                    la Cattedrale di San Salvatore

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·    <!--[endif]-->                                                             la chiesa di Nostra Signora, Al suo interno si trova la scultura                                                                          della Madonna col Bambino di Michelangelo.

                                                                                                                                 il Groeningemuseum che raccoglie numerose opere                                                                                        di Hieronymus Bosch e altri pittori

                                                                                                                                 il beghinaggio 

                                                                la basilica del Sacro Sangue 

                                                                il Municipio di Bruges, il più antico Palazzo

                                                                comunale del Belgio.

                                                                l'antico ospedale di San Giovanni con le opere di Hans Memling

                                                                la piazza del Mercato

                                                                le antiche porte                                                                                                                                            cittadine Kruispoort, Gentpoort, Smedenpoort e Ezelpoort

                         Pranzo e cena in città, in serata rientro all’ostello.

4° giorno ore 8.00 partenza per Damme

                                Mattino: visita alla sede belga dell’AUDI, a gruppi con guida

                                Ore 13.30 pranzo

                                Pomeriggio: visita alla città di Bruxelles

                                Ore 15.00                   Museo Magritte

                                                                  La Gran Place

                                                                  Storico locale “ Le roi d’Espagne             

                                Ore 19.30: cena a Bruxelles

                                Rientro all’ostello

5° giorno:                  Ore8.30  partenza per Le Bois du Caziers

                                Mattino visita alle miniere di Marcinelle

                                Ore 13.30 pranzo presso la scuola

                                Attività di laboratorio presso istituto “Ilon Saint Jacques”


                                Ore 15.30 visita alla città di Namur                                       

                                Cena presso Namur

6° giorno:                  Ore 8.00  partenza per viaggio di ritorno


                                Ore 00.30 arrivo a Parma, via Toscana



First day

The 9-10-13 we arrived at Gembloux at 11 o'clock at Licée “Saint Gilbert”. We were warmly welcomed by our Belgians colleagues in their school. We had breakfast with cafè and croissant gently provided by the teachers of the school. After an exchange of gifts between the teachers we divided into groups and we spoke with some students of that school.

At lunchtime we were offered some sandwiches, lasagne and some drinks. The afternoon activity took place in their laboratories. The aim of this activity was the culturale exchange about technical subjects too. During this activity our classmates and Belgian students exposed projects that they studied during the last year of study. Our classmates exposed the functioning of a microprocessor and Belgian students spoke about PLC. We spoke about some cultural argoments too (mines and immigration in Lampedusa).


At the end of this activity we greeted and thanked Belgian teachers and students and we had time to visit the village. We had also the pleasure of tasting some local beers. In the evening we went to the hostel and after we settled in our rooms we went in a restaurant in Namur. There we had dinner with some Belgian teachers. After an unsatisfactory dinner we returned to the hostel.






Second day

On the second day we went to Brugge, arrived we immediately went to visit the Church of Our Lady (where unfortunately there was a funeral) and then to Groeninge museum.

We had about an hour's lunch break, after which we went to the Memling Museum (St. John's Hospital) and then on to the market place (where there was also the Beffroi tower) and then to the town hall.

Around 4:30 p.m. had finished everything and then we have to give him time till evening (we ate out on our own) and then leave at 10:00 p.m. to return to the hotel.






Third day

The third day, in the morning, we visited the AUDI's factory which was very interesting because we saw the most advanced robots that built automatically a very beautiful car. In the afternoon we visited the Magritte museum with all his most important paintings and then we visited the center of the capital. We visited the Hard Rock Cafe too and we saw all the most famous monuments of the city (we have done a photograph tour too). We really enjoyed the atmosphere of Brussels and also all his vinyl and CD shop. At about 23.30 pm we returned to the hostel.  




Photos of Italy, Belgıum and Poland

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Here is the link,

This is just the beginning...

Photos from Turkey are very soon...

And the songs...

Connaissance des partenaires:La Turquie

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Connaissance des partenaires: La Belgique

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Connaissance des partenaires: L'Italie

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Réflexion sur les stéréotypes

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Échange du 22/10/2013 – 27/10/2013 Pologne

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Accueil à l’école primaire de Nowe Rybie.





Programme artistique préparé par les enfants de Nowe Rybie











Our School - The Collège Saint-Guibert of Gembloux (Sabine Koopmans)

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Our school-The Collège Saint-Guibert of Gembloux-Belgium.pdf (158.58 kb)