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For me the moment when true friendship is born between the two is when Philip has a crisis in the middle of the night and Dris goes to help him and takes him around in Paris all the night. The two begin to talk about their lives and from the looks they exchange it is clear that they are no simply aquintances, but they have become real friends.




The film tells about the story of Philip, tetraplegic as a result of an accident while he was skydiving. He is a widower and he has a doughter. Philip takes Dris as a carer and with him he "restart to live" and feels unique sensations. Dris can amuse Philip and he persuade Philip to correspond with a woman. One day Dris is forced to go back to his family and must therefore leave Philip. Philip can't find another carer and he falls into depression. Philip's secretary informs Dris and he, as a last "present", brings together Philip with the woman with whom he had fallen in love.



For me this film is very meaningful because the two protagonist can become very good friends despite the differences. It's a film that highlights real friendship and its strenght.


                                                                            Michele Cavalca 4^BEN



"The Intouchables" review

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The Intouchables

The Intouchables
(French: Intouchables, UK: Untouchable) is a 2011 French comedy-drama film directed by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano. It stars François Cluzet and Omar Sy. Nine weeks after its release in France on 2 November 2011, it became the second biggest box office hit in France, just behind the 2008 film Welcome to the Sticks The film was voted the cultural event of 2011 in France with 52% of votes in a poll by Fnac. The film has received several award nominations. In France, the film was nominated for eight César Awards and earned Omar Sy the César Award for Best Actor.




At night in Paris, Driss (Sy) is driving Philippe's (Cluzet) Maserati Quattroporte at high speed.They are soon chased by the police: when they are caught, Driss, unfazed, doubles his bet with Philippe, convinced they can get an escort. In order to get away with his speeding, Driss claims the quadriplegic Philippe must be urgently driven to the emergency room; Philippe pretends to have a stroke and the fooled police officers eventually escort them to the hospital. As the police leave them at the hospital, Philippe asks what will they do now, to which Driss answers: "Now let me take care of it." as they drive off.

Film's comment "Quasi amici"

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Philippe's character really impressed me. He has been treated like nyone else for the first time, and despite his situation(his physical state) he can make fun of himself and never feel down. He and Driss were from two totally different worlds, so it was interesting to see how, little by little, their relationship developed and turned their differences into something that helped then "grow"


"Almost friends" is a film that tells of an unthinkable friendship between two completely different people. The first is a fifty-yearsold paraplegic who cannot move if not on the wheelchair. The second is a young senegalese guy just released from prison. An inexpected relations, governed by a deep friendship, where extraordinary exchanges occur, changes the lives of both.


two people, with two completely different personalities, tastes, and ways of relating to people meet argue and get closer. Philippe, paraplegic and rich, is a prisoner in a wealthy house, surrounded by security guards and a teenage daughter with many problems. Drissa, healthy bat with financiad problems, has an exuberant and rebel character. He also has some family problems. The meeting between the two had an effect which made them change their personality, and enriched their intellectual and emotional state. This is the mutual enrichment between the two protagonists which sets the story and makes all their adventures possible, until the relationship between them becomes a deep frienships.


The film is abaout the interation of cultures. People need a faithful  friend that give meaning to his life. This need avercomes the barrier of racism and prejudice that's created between very different people. I think the message comedy by the movie is very intense.


Great film!the friendshipbetween two really different characters gives the idea of what contamination is.

This is a great example of contamination that can radically change our life all of a sudden.

This film changed my opinion about Franch cinema,I have discovered it really various and deep with great productions.

Film's comment

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In this film the two friends exchange their most important interests like music, paragliding and in this way both enter into each other life. Driss also teaches Philippe smoking and however to risk beyond his limits and not to have fear “of challenging” the destiny. I think the two men became true friends when Philippe was sleeping and he woke up because he was feeling sick and Driss helped him and then he took Philippe walking along the Seine. I loved this movie both for the interpretation of the two main actors and for the story. The comedy style also helps the main theme of the movie that, otherwise, would be more difficult to tackle. Our idea of friendship, I think that today, is more linked with utility. It’s convenient to have a friend in the bad moments of our life but when these moments finish the friend returns into the “oblivion”. Today few are really friend that I consider true. I’m sure these will be friends forever.



The two main characters exchange their opinions about music. Philippe introduces Driss to the world of modern art and he also starts smoking with Driss, who also tries for the first time the experience of the paragliding with Philippe.
Aport these interests I think that the real friendship, starts when Driss takes Philippe out in the streets of Paris on his wheelchair at 4 a.m.
I think that friendship means to help and exchange interests but especially it is beautiful the friendship between different cultures because we can learn to see the aspects of life from a different point of view.



Philippe transmits his passion for paragliding, for music, art but especially the desire to become helpful for society. Driss, on the contrary, transmits his passion for entertainments, for nightlife, for eartly pleasures and the vice of smoke.
From my point of view, their friendship, was born on the night when Philippe was feeling severe pains, caused by medicines. On the same night they went out, walking through the city where they learned to know each other more deeply.
That's a film which tells a drammatic story in a new way. That's a friendship between two people that apparently haven't nothing in common.




Philippe transmits to Driss the passion for art, for being helpful for the other, for giving a contribute to the world, making him able to understand what his aunt was doing for his family. Philippe also teaches Driss the courage to overcome his fears to find always a meaning in what happens to you.
Driss transmits to Philippe the passion for the pleasures of life which Philippe discover being as essential as intellectual pleasures.
In my opinion the episode which marks the beginning of a true friendship is when Philippe feels bad in the night because of his “phantom pains”. In fact, in this night, Driss takes care of him as he was really his friend, sharing with him one of his passions:  smoking.
I think that this film expresses the friendship feeling so true: a kind of love. Because friendship can be true, and not only knowing each other, it needs to find, as a favorable soil. And this happens in this story. In fact there were some elements which favored friendship: Driss’s “artlessness”, in showing what he isn’t, and in Philippe’s cleverness who, in his particular life, was able to learn to be rich without becoming slave of his assets.